Privacy on the 'Net

Is the world wide web an anonymous playground for visiting your favorite sites from the comfort and privacy of your home? Many people think their on-line sessions are anonymous and private.

Unfortunately, every time you visit a site, you leave a calling card that reveals private and personal information. Where you're coming from, what kind of computer you have, and other details of your on-line adventures are available to every site you enter. In fact, with a little effort, the exact computer which visited any site can be discovered. And, most sites keep logs of all your visits. Click here to see just a few things we know about you right now.

This logging of your activities, in many cases, may constitute a violation of your privacy. The Cyber Anonymizer is provided to protect you from the prying eyes of the Internet. Your identity is kept completly private and untraceable. Enter the URL of where you want to visit and you will surf there anonymously:



Tip: try surfing to without the anonymizer and with the anonymizer. See what difference it makes! You can grab the source for this CGI script here at