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The feeling of life is going to sleep hoping that tomorrow will be better
Charles M. Schulz
Nine characters that fulls entirely one universe
Snoopy (42Kb) Snoopy (1950)
It was one of the firsts characters and lays on his little house -never sleeps inside it-. It came to the stripes in a bounce, but its ability to survive was all it need to supplant Charlie Brown and became the most popular character. The posters about it became as popular as the Che posters in the sixties, times when its philosophy capability was fully acknowledged. In time it has developed enough characters, like the "fasion" and modern Joe Cool and the aircraft mate.
Charlie Brown (30Kb) Charlie Brown (1950)
The good of Charlie was, altrought the victory of Snoopy, the soul of Peanuts. He has a little of all of us, ours fears... Millions of people had seen it with tenderness and, for that reason, he has succeed altrought he was a looser. He is the main theme of one full generation sitting on a bed with a psychoanalyst.
Linus (32Kb) Linus Van Plet (1959)
The little brother of Lucy soon learn to defend himself ignorating she. But Linus is, above all, his woollen blanket, that was te reason of the term "security blanket" that means, in psychiatry, any object that helps ourselves from fears. He thinks philosophy while sucks his finger.
Sally (29Kb) Sally Brown (1959)
The little sister of Charlie Brown has born the same year that Linus was born. Maybe for that reason she is pretending Linus. She is more practic and sure of herself, don't have the fears of Charlie Brown, and her only hope is to get married, and if it's possible, a good marriage and, of course, with Linus.
Schroeder (26Kb) Schroeder (1951)
He is the one that is pretended by Lucy, but he only lives for Beethoven's music. Charles Schulz was a fan of classical music. Schroeder was quiet and polite. He is the centre of social life when he is with his friends, all around his piano.
Lucy (24Kb) Lucy Van Pelt (1952)
Real as life, she only breakes down the dreams of Charlie, the one who harass, molest, destoy, ruin, and later she crush Charlie on her psychiatric site. She is the bad witch of the band soon from her born in 1952, only for the pleasure of offend anyone. She don't bother Snoopy.
Woodstock (21Kb) Woodstock (1965)
The best friend of Snoopy, the only that understand it. It don't spokes, only makes sounds and flies a little, it likes the travels, adventures and dreaming about distant countries. It would do anything for Snoopy. In spanish is also known al Emilio.
Peppermint Patty (32Kb) Peppermint Patty (1966) and Marcia (1971)
Patricia Reichardt, cool, always sincere, has seen her name turned into Peppermint Patty. She is disaster in school and out of it, and answers at "Monsieur", as she is named by Marcia, that is the opposito of Peppermint Patty, a girl studious, intelligent, ordered, always dilligent. Althroght they were soo different characters, done a couple practically inseparable.

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